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4th EPTS Event Processing symposium

CID: epts_2008

Website hosted by: Rainer von Ammon
Affiliation: Centrum für Informations-Technologie Transfer GmbH

Organizing institutions:

Event Processing symposium

Co-located with the Gartner Event Processing Summit

Main category: Computer Sciences (Artificial intelligence)
Alternative category: Computer Sciences (Computational sciences)

Conference/Workshop objectives:

The Event processing market, the customers' perspective, Work Group Reports, Use Cases Presentations (1.Fraud Detection Scenario, 2. Real-Time Data Stream Analytical Pub/Sub System, 3. Aspects of Performance monitoring within a Mobile Operator, 4. Inform and direct first responders and people at risk in case of an incident, 5. Preservation and Maintenance Facility Safety, 6. Internalization and Alternative Trading Venues), the Technology of Event processing, Event Processing Research, Standards, some topics to think about.

Stamford, USA
Date: 16.09.2008 - 18.09.2008

Conference poster: Download poster here.

Local organizing committee:

EPTS Steering Committee