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Splinter meeting on Coordination of Synoptic Observations

CID: synoptic2017

Website hosted by: Markus Roth
Affiliation: Kiepenheuer-Institut fuer Sonnenphysik

Organizing institutions:

National Solar Observatory, Boulder, USA

Kiepenheuer-Institut für Sonnenphysik, Freiburg, Germany 

Royal Observatory of Belgium, Brussels

Main category: Natural Sciences (Astronomy)

Conference/Workshop objectives:

Meeting Goals:

Synoptic groundbased observations play important role in providing data for research in solar and space physics and space weather operational forecast. They also provide global context to aid in interpreting the remote and in situ observations from space-based platforms and enable new science opportunities. Currently, the international efforts in grounbased observations are not well-coordinated, which may lead to non-uniform and duplicate data. There is no critical evaluation of what must be observed and what could be missing. The planning does not take into consideration the synoptic nature of data, resulting in long-term datasets often being ad hoc collections, and there is lack of long-term planning for operations (no well-defined goals, diminishing funding, and aging facilities). There is also a looming issue with long-term synoptic data preservation.

The idea behind this meeting is to start conversations with all interested parties about the future of solar synoptic ground-based observations, including their role in supporting space missions. We have chosen to associate this splinter meeting with L5 Consortium meeting for a prime reason: synergy between space- and ground-based instruments is important for L5 science, and such early discussions would be beneficial for everybody. We also hope that this could stimulate other projects (Solar Orbiter, Solar Probe Plus etc) to be more active on this issue.


    Relevant links, articles and past presentations:

    Date: 16.10.2017 - 16.10.2017

    Conference poster: Download poster here.

    Local organizing committee:

    Jesper Schou (MPS)