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The IAU working group on Coordination of Synoptic Observations of the Sun

Author: Alexei Pevtsov
Affiliation: Workshop on "Synoptic Ground-based Solar Observations for Space-weather", Nice, France, Oct. 19-20

Main category: Natural Sciences (Astronomy)

In 2011, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) created a working group now known as the IAU inter-Division B-E working group on Coordination of Synoptic Observations of the Sun. The mission of this group is to facilitate the international collaboration in synoptic long-term solar observations, which includes past, current, and future synoptic programs, preservation, calibration, and access to synoptic solar data products. This presentation provides a brief overview of activities of the group and outlines the current issues facing the synoptic solar groundbased observations.

Language: English

DOI: 10.18147/smn.2017/presentation:250

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