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Conferences at ScienceMedia

Solar spectropolarimetry: From virtual to real observations

Solarnet Schools

CID: solarnetschool1
Location: Lugano (Switzerland)
Date: 09.09.2019-14.09.2019

Views: 188

A week above the Clouds

Solarnet Training for Observers

CID: aboveclouds2019
Location: Izana, Tenerife, Spain
Date: 05.08.2019-09.08.2019

Views: 235

SPRING 2019 Workshop

Solarnet/SPRING Workshops

CID: spring2019
Location: Freiburg, Germany
Date: 29.04.2019-30.04.2019

Views: 654

SOLARNET Kick-Off Meeting

Meetings of the SOLARNET General Assembly

CID: SolarnetKOM
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Date: 24.01.2019-24.01.2019

Views: 138

EST Science Meeting

CID: EST2018
Location: Giardini Naxos (Me), Italy
Date: 11.06.2018-15.06.2018

Views: 434

The Future of Work and Innovation in a Networked Society

CID: WeizenbaumSymposium2018

Technical University Berlin, Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin (Germany)

Date: 15.05.2018-15.05.2018

Views: 3140

Planetary-Stellar Connection: The Sun's Lesson

CID: KIS_Thinkshop2018
Location: Freiburg, Germany
Date: 07.05.2018-09.05.2018

Views: 569

Helicity Thinkshop 3


CID: helicity thinkshop 3
Location: Tokyo (Japan)
Date: 19.11.2017-24.11.2017

Views: 12988

Splinter meeting on Coordination of Synoptic Observations

CID: synoptic2017
Location: Göttingen
Date: 16.10.2017-16.10.2017

Views: 2376

SCORe17 Workshop

SCORe Workshops

CID: score17
Location: Heidelberg
Date: 16.10.2017-20.10.2017

Views: 918