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Michael Burton

University of New South Wales

Position: Professor

Department: School of Physics

Field of research: Natural Sciences (Astronomy)

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Fly through the G328 Sector of the Galaxy showing Carbon Monoxide, Carbon and Atomic Hydrogen

The G328 sector of the Galaxy, showing the emission from three spiral arms in lines from carbon monoxide (12CO green and 13CO yellow; Mopra), carbon ([CI] red; HEAT Antarctica) and hydrogen (HI blue; Parkes/ATCA). The movie shows ...

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The G320-G330 sector of the Galaxy in atomic and molecular gas

Co-Authors: Catherine Braiding
G320-330: A comparison along the sector of the Galactic Plane from l=320°-330° of the atomic hydrogen from the SGPS (top; McClure-Griffiths et al. 2005), $^{12}$CO from our Mopra CO survey (middle; Braiding et al. 2015) and $^{1 ...

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