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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Astronomy

Inversions for Deep Solar Meridional Flow Using Spherical Born Kernels

Author: Vincent Böning
The solar meridional flow is a crucial ingredient in modern dynamo theory. Seismic estimates of this flow have, however, been contradictory in deeper layers below about $0.9\,R_\odot$. Results from time-distance helioseismology h ... more

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A new cosmic coincidence in conjunction with the cosmic expansion.

Author: Christian Nutto
The discovery of the cosmic acceleration (Perlmutter & Riess, 1999; Perlmutter et al., 1999; Riess et al., 1998) along with the presence of dark matter is one of the most intriguing puzzles in modern physics and cosmology. Up to n ... more

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Surface waves in solar granulation observed with Sunrise

Author: Markus Roth
Solar oscillations are expected to be excited by turbulent flows in the intergranular lanes near the solar surface. Time series recorded by the IMaX instrument aboard the {\sc Sunrise} observatory reveal solar oscillations at hig ... more

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Meridional Circulation and Global Solar Oscillations

Author: Markus Roth
We investigate the influence of large-scale meridional circulation on solar p-modes by quasi-degenerate perturbation theory, as proposed by Lavely and Ritzwoller (1992). As an input flow we use various models of stationary meridio ... more

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Design of a next generation synoptic solar observing network: solar physics research integrated network group (SPRING)

Author: Markus Roth
Long-term synoptic observations of the Sun in different wavelength regions are essential to understand its secular behavior. Such observations have proven very important for discovery of 11 year solar activity cycle, 22 year magne ... more

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SPRING - Final proposed instrument concept and operation plan

Author: Markus Roth
This document describes the technical concept developed under Solarnet WP80 “Synoptic Observations: Solar Physics Research Integrated Network Group (SPRING)” for the setup of a new ground-based network for continuous solar ... more

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The Carina Nebula and Gum 31 molecular complex: I. Molecular gas distribution, column densities and dust temperatures

Author: Michael Burton
We report high resolution observations of the 12CO(1 → 0) and 13CO(1 → 0) molecular lines in the Carina Nebula and the Gum 31 region obtained with the 22-m Mopra telescope as part of the The Mopra Southern Galactic Plane CO Su ... more

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Author: Michael Burton
We present spectral data cubes of the [CI] 809 GHz, 12CO 115 GHz, 13CO 110 GHz, and HI 1.4 GHz line emission from a ∼1 square degree region along the l = 328 (G328) sightline in the Galactic Plane. Emission arises principally ... more

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Stellar magnetic activity and variability of oscillation parameters - An investigation of 24 solar-like stars observed by Kepler

Author: René Kiefer
Context. The Sun and solar-like stars undergo activity cycles for which the underlying mechanisms are not well understood. The oscillations of the Sun are known to vary with its activity cycle and these changes provide diagnostics ... more

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