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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Astronomy

The SpaceInn-SISMA database: characterization of a large sample of variable and active stars by means of HARPS spectra

Author: Monica Rainer
We created a large database of physical parameters and variability indicators by fully reducing and analysing the large number of spectra taken to complement the asteroseismic observations of the CoRoT satellite. 7103 spectra of 2 ... more

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Sensitivity Kernels for Flows in Time-Distance Helioseismology: Extension to Spherical Geometry

Author: Vincent Böning
We extend an existing Born approximation method for calculating the linear sensitivity of helioseismic travel times to flows from Cartesian to spherical geometry. This development is necessary for using the Born approximation for ... more

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How-To MLT_4

Author: Monika Ellwarth
Short How-To about how to call the MLT_ 4 recognition code.

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A new cosmic coincidence in conjunction with the cosmic expansion.

Author: Christian Nutto
The discovery of the cosmic acceleration (Perlmutter & Riess, 1999; Perlmutter et al., 1999; Riess et al., 1998) along with the presence of dark matter is one of the most intriguing puzzles in modern physics and cosmology. Up to n ... more

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Design, development and calibration of the GRAVITY acquisition camera software to monitor four telescope beams

Author: Narsireddy Anugu
We report the development of the GRAVITY acquisition camera software to monitor and analyse the four very large telescopes interferometer beams.

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Meridional Circulation and Global Solar Oscillations

Author: Markus Roth
We investigate the influence of large-scale meridional circulation on solar p-modes by quasi-degenerate perturbation theory, as proposed by Lavely and Ritzwoller (1992). As an input flow we use various models of stationary meridio ... more

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Validation of Spherical Born Approximation Sensitivity Functions for Measuring Deep Solar Meridional Flow

Author: Markus Roth
Accurate measurements of deep solar meridional flow are of vital interest for understanding the solar dynamo. In this paper, we validate a recently developed method for obtaining sensitivity functions (kernels) for travel-time mea ... more

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Author: Aneta Wisniewska
Recently Wiśniewska et al. demonstrated observationally how the acoustic cutoff frequency varies with height in the solar atmosphere including the upper photosphere and the lower and middle chromosphere, and showed that the obser ... more

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Author: Michael Burton
The 22 m diameter Mopra telescope in Australia is being used to undertake an improved survey of the CO J = 1{0 line at 3mm along the 4th quadrant of the Galaxy, achieving an order of magnitude better spatial and spectral resolut ... more

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Workshop Report: A New Synoptic Solar Observing Network

Author: Markus Roth
Since all space weather originates in and on the Sun, forecasters need continuous, long-term, consistent, and reliable solar data as a foundation for useful predictions. An effective strategy to obtain nearly continuous solar data ... more

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