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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Biology

Evaluation of the Trivedi Effect®- Energy of Consciousness Energy Healing Treatment on the Physical, Spectral, and Thermal Properties of Zinc Chloride

Author: Alice Branton
Zinc chloride has the importance in pharmaceutical/nutraceutical industries for the prevention and treatment of several diseases. The objective of the current study was to investigate the impact of The Trivedi Effect®-Energy of C ... more

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Antibiogram Typing of Biofield Treated Multidrug Resistant Strains of Staphylococcus Species

Author: Mahendra Kumar Trivedi
Antimicrobial resistance is a global health issue in the developing countries. This study was carried out to evaluate the impact of Mr. Trivedi’s biofield energy treatment on multidrug resistant (MDR) clinical lab isolates (LSs) ... more

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Evaluation of Biochemical Marker - Glutathione and DNA Fingerprinting of Biofield Energy Treated Oryza sativa

Author: Alice Branton
Food production needs to increase to satisfy the demand due to increasing human population worldwide. To minimize this food crisis, an increase in the rice production is necessary in many countries. The current study was undertake ... more

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Antibiogram and Genotypic Analysis using 16S rDNA after Biofield Treatment on Morganella morganii

Author: Mahendra Kumar Trivedi
Morganella morganii (M. morganii) is one of the important nosocomial pathogen associated with the urinary tract infections and bacteremia. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of Mr. Trivedi’s biofield energy treatme ... more

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Effect of Biofield Energy Treatment Based Herbomineral Formulation on Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines Expression in Murine Dendritic and Splenocyte Cells

Author: Sharyn Marie Sodomora
The utilization and demand of self-medication with herbomineral-based formulations have increased day-by-day across the globe over the last decade. A new proprietary herbomineral formulation was prepared with the mixture of minera ... more

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Impact of Biofield Energy Treated Herbomineral Formulationon on Mouse Dendritic and Splenocyte Cells for Modulation of Pro-inflammatory Cytokines

Author: Alice Branton
The use of herbomineral formulation in the healthcare sector for different chronic diseases is gaining popularity due to its fewer side effects, high safety profile, and cost effectiveness. A new proprietary herbomineral formulati ... more

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Antimicrobial Susceptibility, Biochemical Characterization and Molecular Typing of Biofield Treated Klebsiella pneumoniae

Author: Alice Branton
Pathogenic isolates of Klebsiella pneumoniae (K. pneumoniae), particularly the extended-spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL) producing strains, are mostly associated with the failure of antibiotic therapy in nosocomial infections. The p ... more

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An in Vitro Study of Biofield Energy Healing Based Herbomineral Formulation for Skin Protection

Author: Alice Branton
The current research work deals with the impact of the Consciousness Energy Healing Treatment (The Trivedi Effect®) based herbomineral test formulation and cell medium (DMEM) against various skin health parameters. The test formu ... more

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Modulation of Pro-inflammatory Cytokines Expression of the Biofield Healing (Trivedi Effect®) Based Herbomineral Formulation in Mouse Splenocytes

Author: Mahendra Kumar Trivedi
With the increasing popularity of herbomineral preparations in healthcare, a new proprietary herbomineral formulation was formulated with ashwagandha root extract and three minerals viz. zinc, magnesium, and selenium. The aim of t ... more

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Effect of Biofield Energy Healing Based Herbomineral Formulation on Pro-inflammatory Cytokines Expression in Biofield Treated Mouse Splenocyte Cells

Author: Barry Wellborn
A proprietary herbomineral formulation was formulated with four ingredients; a mixture of the minerals (zinc, magnesium, and selenium) and the herbal root extract ashwagandha. The aim of the study was to evaluate the immunomodulat ... more

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