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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Biology

Antibiogram Typing of Biofield Treated Multidrug Resistant Strains of Staphylococcus Species

Author: Gopal Nayak
Antimicrobial resistance is a global health issue in the developing countries. This study was carried out to evaluate the impact of Mr. Trivedi’s biofield energy treatment on multidrug resistant (MDR) clinical lab isolates (LSs) ... more

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Physical, Spectroscopic and Thermal Characterization of Biofield Treated Fish Peptone

Author: Alice Branton
The by-products of industrially processed fish are enzymatically converted into fish protein isolates and hydrolysates having a wide biological activity and nutritional properties. However, the heat processing may cause their ther ... more

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Improved Susceptibility Pattern of Antimicrobials Using Vital Energy Treatment on Shigella sonnei

Author: Alice Branton
Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) has become increasingly popular and reported for countless benefits in biomedical health care systems. The study assessed the potential impact of The Trivedi Effect® (biofield energy) ... more

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Evaluation of Plant Growth, Yield and Yield Attributes of Biofield Energy Treated Mustard (Brassica juncea) and Chick Pea (Cicer arietinum) Seeds

Author: Gopal Nayak
The present study was carried out to evaluate the effect of Mr. Trivedi’s biofield energy treatment on mustard (Brassica juncea) and chick pea (Cicer arietinum) for their growth, yield, and yield attributes. Both the samples wer ... more

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Evaluation of Antibiogram, Genotype and Phylogenetic Analysis of Biofield Treated Nocardia otitidis

Author: Mahendra Kumar Trivedi
Nocardiosis is a soil-borne aerobic infection caused by Nocardia species commonly affects the respiratory tract. Nocardia otitidis (N. otitidis) is the key organism for non-mycobacterial tuberculosis. The current study was attempt ... more

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Assessment of Antibiogram of Biofield Energy Treated Serratia marcescens

Author: Mahendra Kumar Trivedi
Serratia marcescens (S. marcescens) has become an important nosocomial pathogens and increased resistant isolates were reported. The current study evaluates the impact of an alternate energy medicine i.e. Mr. Trivedi’s biofield ... more

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Physicochemical and Spectroscopic Characterization of Yeast Extract Powder After the Biofield Energy Treatment

Author: Mahendra Kumar Trivedi
Yeast extract powder (YE powder) is particularly used in culture media for the cultivation of microorganisms found in milk or other dairy products. The present study was intended to explore the influence of biofield energy treatme ... more

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Antibiogram, Biochemical Reactions and Biotyping of Biofield Treated Providencia rettgeri

Author: Gopal Nayak
Providencia rettgeri (P. rettgeri) is the key organism for gastrointestinal tract infections due to its high virulence properties. The current study was designed to investigate the effect of Mr. Trivedi’s biofield energy treatme ... more

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In vitro Evaluation of Biofield Treatment on Viral Load Against Human Immunodeficiency-1 and Cytomegalo Viruses

Author: Alice Branton
Viral load quantification is the amount of particular viral DNA or RNA in a blood samples. It is one of the surrogate biomarker of AIDS. High viral load indicates that the immune system is failed to fight against viruses. The aim ... more

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Impact of Biofield Treatment on Growth and Anatomical Characteristics of Pogostemon cablin (Benth.)

Author: Gopal Nayak
Pogostemon cablin is a known aromatic plant which is cultivated for its essential oil widely applicated in perfumery and cosmetic industries. In the present study, the effect of biofield treatment was studied on the growth of P. c ... more

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