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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Astronomy

Solar Physics Research Integrated Network Group (SPRING) : A Next Generation Ground-based Synoptic Network

Author: Sanjay gosain
SPRING is an evolving concept for next generation solar synoptic observations network. It is envisaged that the new network will cater to the needs of (i) Helioseismology community, by providing improved resolution Doppler observa ... more

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Kepler – K2: A Search for Very Red Variables

Author: Mag. Erich Hartig
The NASA Kepler K2 mission offers new opportunities to search for long period variables (LPVs) along the ecliptic plane. We present first results of our observing proposals for ‘Super-Red-Targets’ in the Kepler K2 Campaigns ... more

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Stellar Parameters in an Instant with Machine Learning

Author: Earl Bellinger
We use machine learning to build a constrained multiple regression model for rapidly estimating the fundamental stellar parameters of main-sequence solar-like stars (Bellinger & Angelou 2016). We train a random forest of decision ... more

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Comparison of damping mechanisms for transverse waves in coronal loops.

Damping of transverse waves in different solar coronal structures is a commonly observed property and a source of information about coronal conditions. Although resonant damping seems to be the most accepted mechanism for dampi ... more

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Solarnet Transnational Access and Service Programme 2013 - 2017

Author: Solarnet - High Resolution Solar Physics Network
As a part of the SOLARNET project, the Transnational Access and Service Programme supports the access of the European solar physics community to some of the best European telescopes. To enhance the efficiency of data usage, exte ... more

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Author: Jadwiga Daszynska-Daszkiewicz
The long-time photometric surveys in a few young open clusters allowed to identify the light variability in stars located between the well defined  Scuti variables and Slowly Pulsating B-type stars (Mowlavi et al, 2013, 2015). ... more

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Kepler observation of HD 176465, a binary system with overlapping pulsation frequencies

Author: Othman Benomar
Binary stars systems are crucial to better understand the physics of stars, because they might share a common history, enabling us to assume that they have the same age and composition. Furthermore, using the Kepler laws, the orbi ... more

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Numerical simulations of magneto-acoustic wave propagation from the upper convection zone into the chromosphere.

Author: Christian Nutto
The contribution of acoustic waves to the chromospheric heating is still an open question. To discuss this Issue, it is crucial to understand the propagation of waves from the convection zone, where the waves are excited, into the ... more

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Filaments data since 1919: A basis for statistics

Author: Jean Aboudarham
From 1919 to 2002, Paris-Meudon Observatory published synoptic maps of the Solar activity. Together with maps, tables were provided, containing some information concerning at least filaments. The board of Paris Observatory funded ... more

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Empirical Mode Decomposition studies of quasi-biennial variations in helioseismic frequencies

Author: Anne-Marie Broomhall
It is well-known that the Sun’s magnetic activity varies primarily on a time scale of 11yrs. It is also well known that the frequencies of the Sun’s natural acoustic oscillations vary in-phase with surface and atmospheric me ... more

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