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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Astronomy

Quasi-periodic pulsations in stellar flares

Author: Anne-Marie Broomhall
Quasi-periodic pulsations (QPPs) are a common feature of solar flares that are observed in many different wavelengths. Although QPPs appear not to be as abundant in white light Kepler flare light curves as they are in solar flar ... more

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Numerical simulations of magneto-acoustic wave propagation from the upper convection zone into the chromosphere.

Author: Christian Nutto
The contribution of acoustic waves to the chromospheric heating is still an open question. To discuss this Issue, it is crucial to understand the propagation of waves from the convection zone, where the waves are excited, into the ... more

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KIC 6220497: a new Algol-type eclipsing binary with multiperiodic Pulsations

Author: Jae Woo Lee
We present both binarity and pulsation of KIC 6220497 from the {\it Kepler} observations. The light curve synthesis shows that the eclipsing system is a semi-detached Algol with parameters of $q$ = 0.243$\pm$0.001, $i$ = 77.3$\pm$ ... more

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The Envelope Spectrum

Author: René Kiefer
Solar-like oscillations exhibit a regular pattern of frequencies. This pattern is dominated by the small and large frequency separations between modes. The accurate determination of these parameters is of great interest, because ... more

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Seismic Inference of 58 Stars using full-length Kepler data sets

Author: Orlagh Creevey
We present stellar properties of 58 stars from a seismic inference using full-length data sets from Kepler (mass, age, radius, distances). These stars comprise active stars, planet-hosts, solar-analogs, and binary systems. By empl ... more

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Looking for Magnetic Field in Kepler Red Giants

Author: Jérôme Ballot
Spectropolarimetric measurements allow us to detect and measure magnetic field through Zeeman effect in stellar photospheres. We observed with the spectropolarimeters Narval (at Telescope Bernard Lyot) and ESPADONS (at CFHT) a few ... more

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Introducing SISMA, the HARPS archive of the CoRoT asteroseismic targets

Author: Ennio Poretti
The online archive SISMA (Spectroscopic Indicators in a SeisMic Archive) was created in the framework of the SpaceInn project, with the goal of providing to the scientific community the results of the CoRoT ground-based asterosei ... more

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WP80: Synoptic Observations: Solar Physics Research Network Group (SPRING)

Author: Markus Roth
High-resolution telescopes (such as SST, GREGOR and the future EST and ATST) allow observations of only a small fraction of the solar surface. Real-time context data showing the large-scale dynamics and magnetism at different l ... more

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Modelling the effect of Meridional Flows in Time-Distance Helioseismology: Born vs. Ray approximation

Author: Vincent Böning
Accurate meridional flow measurements are important for understanding the solar dynamo. Recent in- versions for meridional flows have not yet reached a consensus on the nature of the meridional flow in depths greater than about ... more

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Modelling the Line-of-Sight Projection and Filtering-Induced Leakage in Time-Distance Helioseismology

Author: Vincent Böning
In current approaches to time-distance helioseismology, the line-of-sight projection effect on the traveltimes is not fully taken into account. Furthermore, filtering of full-disc data induces leakage due to the projection onto ... more

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