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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Astronomy

Forecasting the arrival of Coronal Mass Ejections: The Drag-Based Model

Author: Bojan Vrsnak
We present a new space weather online forecast-tool for predicting the arrival of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections (ICMEs). The forecast-tool is based on the “Drag-Based Model” (DBM), developed in the frame of the Europea ... more

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European Helio- and Asteroseismology Network - Achievements after four years of HELAS

Author: Markus Roth
HELAS had the major objective to bring together the widely dispersed European research groups active in helio- and asteroseismology. The transfer of knowledge and data analysis techniques through HELAS lead to a structuring of thi ... more

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Some general results on relative magnetic helicity and field line helicity

Author: Jean-Jacques Aly
We present some general considerations on two quantities that are of common use in solar physics: the relative magnetic helicity H and the field line helicity h of a magnetic field B contained in some domain D. 1. We show how t ... more

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Time-series spectroscopy of the pulsating eclipsing binary XX Cephei

Author: Jae-Rim Koo
Oscillating Algol-type eclipsing binaries (oEA) are very interesting objects that have three observational features of eclipse, pulsation, and mass transfer. Direct measurement of their masses and radii from the double-lined radia ... more

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Modelling the effect of Meridional Flows in Time-Distance Helioseismology: Born vs. Ray approximation

Author: Vincent Böning
Accurate meridional flow measurements are important for understanding the solar dynamo. Recent in- versions for meridional flows have not yet reached a consensus on the nature of the meridional flow in depths greater than about ... more

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Evolution of photospheric pores in the magnetic field

Author: Ivan Dorotovic
We describe conditions of pore formation in relation to the configuration and intensity of magnetic field. We used observations of the SDO/HMI instrument, which observes the photosphere in continuum and simultaneously the magnetic ... more

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Analysis of a subdwarf B pulsator observed during Campaign 2 of K2

Author: Laura Ketzer
We present an analysis of the pulsating subdwarf B (sdB) star EPIC 203948264, observed during Campaign 2 of the extended Kepler mission. A time series analysis of the short cadence data set has revealed a rich g-mode pulsation spe ... more

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Comparison of damping mechanisms for transverse waves in coronal loops.

Damping of transverse waves in different solar coronal structures is a commonly observed property and a source of information about coronal conditions. Although resonant damping seems to be the most accepted mechanism for dampi ... more

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Celebrating Mopra: looking to the future

Author: Michael Burton
Workshop poster for "Celebrating Mopra: looking to the future", held at the University of New South Wales in Sydney on Dec 9-11, 2015. Also including a workshop on the JCMT and the East Asia Observatory.

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Radial mode widths in red giant star spectra observed by Kepler

Author: Mathieu Vrard
The Kepler space mission has observed many solar-like pulsators, and helped to decipher their main characteristics (e.g: mass, radius, rotation). Most of the achievements recently obtained in that domain consist of the analysis of ... more

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