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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Astronomy

Evolution of photospheric pores in the magnetic field

Author: Ivan Dorotovic
We describe conditions of pore formation in relation to the configuration and intensity of magnetic field. We used observations of the SDO/HMI instrument, which observes the photosphere in continuum and simultaneously the magnetic ... more

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Short- and mid-term activity-related variations in the solar acoustic frequencies

Author: Ângela R. G. Santos
The activity-related variations in the solar acoustic frequencies have been known for 30 years. However, the importance of the different contributions is still not well established. With this in mind, we developed an empirical mod ... more

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Roles of Ground-based Solar Observations of Hida Observatory toward the Solar-C Era

Author: Satoru UENO
For the realization of the Solar-C satellite, discussions about scientific themes and preliminary observations are internationally carried out now. At Hida Observatory of Kyoto University, we will play the following roles toward t ... more

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Signatures of magnetic activity in the p mode frequencies of solar-type stars observed by Kepler

Author: René Kiefer
Several hundred stars were observed in the short cadence mode of the Kepler satellite during the nominal mission phase. This generated a large pool of data which can provide insight into the characteristics of stellar activity cyc ... more

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Celebrating Mopra: looking to the future

Author: Michael Burton
Workshop poster for "Celebrating Mopra: looking to the future", held at the University of New South Wales in Sydney on Dec 9-11, 2015. Also including a workshop on the JCMT and the East Asia Observatory.

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Filaments data since 1919: A basis for statistics

Author: Jean Aboudarham
From 1919 to 2002, Paris-Meudon Observatory published synoptic maps of the Solar activity. Together with maps, tables were provided, containing some information concerning at least filaments. The board of Paris Observatory funded ... more

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The first quintuple system found with the K2 Mission

Author: Holger Lehmann
There were some 3000 binaries discovered in the Kepler main mission, and there is a growing collection of binaries that have been found to date in the 2-wheel extension of the Kepler mission, called ‘K2’. Among this impressive ... more

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Solar Physics Research Integrated Network Group (SPRING) : A Next Generation Ground-based Synoptic Network

Author: Sanjay gosain
SPRING is an evolving concept for next generation solar synoptic observations network. It is envisaged that the new network will cater to the needs of (i) Helioseismology community, by providing improved resolution Doppler observa ... more

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High cadence observations and analysis of spicular-type events using CRISP onboard SST

Author: Juie Shetye
A statistical study of spectral images, taken from the CRISP instrument at the Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope in H-alpha 656.28 nm of fast spicules, present Doppler velocities in the range of -41km/s to +41 km/s. Remarkably, many ... more

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Revisiting the Instability Strip for rapidly oscillating Ap stars

Author: Maragrida Cunha
Chemically peculiar stars are stage to a wide variety of physical phenomena. Progress in the understanding of these objects, through the study of their oscillations, can help us characterize these physical phenomena and better und ... more

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