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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Astronomy

Some general results on relative magnetic helicity and field line helicity

Author: Jean-Jacques Aly
We present some general considerations on two quantities that are of common use in solar physics: the relative magnetic helicity H and the field line helicity h of a magnetic field B contained in some domain D. 1. We show how t ... more

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The additional-mode garden of RRab stars

Author: László Molnár
Space-based photometric missions revealed a surprising abundance of millimagnitude-level additional modes in RR Lyrae stars. The modes that appear in the modulated fundamental-mode (RRab) stars can be ordered into four major categ ... more

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Measurements of helioseismic travel times

Author: Markus Roth
In time-distance helioseismology wave travel times are measured from the cross-correlation between Doppler velocities recorded at any two locations on the solar surface. All local helioseismology inferences rely critically on the ... more

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Seismic Inference of 58 Stars using full-length Kepler data sets

Author: Orlagh Creevey
We present stellar properties of 58 stars from a seismic inference using full-length data sets from Kepler (mass, age, radius, distances). These stars comprise active stars, planet-hosts, solar-analogs, and binary systems. By empl ... more

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Evolution of photospheric pores in the magnetic field

Author: Ivan Dorotovic
We describe conditions of pore formation in relation to the configuration and intensity of magnetic field. We used observations of the SDO/HMI instrument, which observes the photosphere in continuum and simultaneously the magnetic ... more

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Quasi-periodic pulsations in stellar flares

Author: Anne-Marie Broomhall
Quasi-periodic pulsations (QPPs) are a common feature of solar flares that are observed in many different wavelengths. Although QPPs appear not to be as abundant in white light Kepler flare light curves as they are in solar flar ... more

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Measurements of the Absorption and Scattering Cross Sections for the Interactions of Solar Acoustic Waves with Sunspots

Author: Hui Zhao
The solar acoustic waves are modified by the interaction with sunspots. The interaction can be treated as a scattering problem: an incident wave propagating toward a sunspot is scattered by the sunspot into different modes. Th ... more

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Compensated diffraction-limited imaging with adaptive optics at the GREGOR Solar Telescope

Author: Oskar von der Lühe
The combination of adaptive optics with post processing of sequences of short exposures is a very successful technique to produce diffraction limited images of the solar photosphere throughout the visible spectral domain. Viable a ... more

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Roles of Ground-based Solar Observations of Hida Observatory toward the Solar-C Era

Author: Satoru UENO
For the realization of the Solar-C satellite, discussions about scientific themes and preliminary observations are internationally carried out now. At Hida Observatory of Kyoto University, we will play the following roles toward t ... more

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SIGS - Seismic Inferences for Glitches in Stars

Author: Filipe Pereira
A new set of codes, to become publicly available, are presented. These use the frequencies of oscillation of solar-type stars, together with some of the stellar atmospheric parameters, to automatically measure and characterize aco ... more

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