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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Astronomy

Core Overshooting and Extra Mixing in Two Kepler Slowly Pulsating B stars

Author: ehsan moravveji
KIC 7760680 was discovered by Papics et al. (2015) to be the richest known Slowly Pulsating B star, by exhibiting 36 consecutive dipole prograde (l=1, m=+1) gravity (g-) modes. Moreover, the monotonically decreasing period spacing ... more

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Author: Zuleika Sodré
We report the analysis of the observational parameters of the two Radio Noise Storms (RNS): one day in the occurrence of the solar flares in X-rays and one day without the presence of the flare. The spectral information about the ... more

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Starspot signature on the light curve: learning about the spot distribution

Author: Ângela R. G. Santos
Starspots are cooler/darker than the stellar surface. Therefore, the total flux of a star changes when spots are visible on its surface. The presence of spots together with the stellar rotation leads to a periodic modulation on th ... more

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Isochrones of M67 with an Expanded Set of Parameters

Author: Lucas Viani
We create isochrones of M67 using the Yale Rotating Stellar Evolution Code. In addition to metallicity, parameters that are traditionally held fixed, such as the mixing length parameter and initial helium abundance, also vary. The ... more

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Short- and mid-term activity-related variations in the solar acoustic frequencies

Author: Ângela R. G. Santos
The activity-related variations in the solar acoustic frequencies have been known for 30 years. However, the importance of the different contributions is still not well established. With this in mind, we developed an empirical mod ... more

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SOLARNET III / HELAS VII / SpaceInn Conference "The Sun, the stars, and solar-stellar relations"

Author: Ariane Schad
SOLARNET III / HELAS VII / SpaceInn Conference "The Sun, the stars, and solar-stellar relations" Freiburg, August 31-September 4, 2015 The 3rd SOLARNET / 7th HELAS / SpaceInn international conference "The Sun, the stars, an ... more

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Anomalous high-amplitude peaks in the Fourier spectra of Kepler red giants

Author: Isabel Colman
We present an analysis of 93 oscillating red giants from NASA's Kepler mission which exhibit anomalous single-frequency peaks in their amplitude spectra. These peaks may be indicative of binary star systems, with frequencies such ... more

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Measurements of helioseismic travel times

Author: Markus Roth
In time-distance helioseismology wave travel times are measured from the cross-correlation between Doppler velocities recorded at any two locations on the solar surface. All local helioseismology inferences rely critically on the ... more

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Effects of the HeII ionization zones on oscillation frequencies Applications to Kepler and CoRoT stars

Author: mutlu yildiz
Solar-like oscillation frequencies of 93 target stars of Kepler and CoRoT are analyzed. In the present study, we present results for two of them. Recently, two new reference frequencies nu_min1 and nu_min2 are found in the spacin ... more

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Non-LTE inversion of spectropolarimetric and spectroscopic observations of a small active-region filament observed at the VTT

Author: Pavol Schwartz
An active-region filament in the active region NOAA 12159 (at solar disk coordinates [x,y] = [225,-440] arcsec) was observed with the Vacuum Tower Telescope at Tenerife on 11 September 2014. Full-Stokes spectropolarimetric observa ... more

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