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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Astronomy

Looking for Magnetic Field in Kepler Red Giants

Author: Jérôme Ballot
Spectropolarimetric measurements allow us to detect and measure magnetic field through Zeeman effect in stellar photospheres. We observed with the spectropolarimeters Narval (at Telescope Bernard Lyot) and ESPADONS (at CFHT) a few ... more

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Kepler – K2: A Search for Very Red Variables

Author: Mag. Erich Hartig
The NASA Kepler K2 mission offers new opportunities to search for long period variables (LPVs) along the ecliptic plane. We present first results of our observing proposals for ‘Super-Red-Targets’ in the Kepler K2 Campaigns ... more

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WP80: Synoptic Observations: Solar Physics Research Network Group (SPRING)

Author: Markus Roth
High-resolution telescopes (such as SST, GREGOR and the future EST and ATST) allow observations of only a small fraction of the solar surface. Real-time context data showing the large-scale dynamics and magnetism at different l ... more

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Modelling the effect of Meridional Flows in Time-Distance Helioseismology: Born vs. Ray approximation

Author: Vincent Böning
Accurate meridional flow measurements are important for understanding the solar dynamo. Recent in- versions for meridional flows have not yet reached a consensus on the nature of the meridional flow in depths greater than about ... more

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Observations of Red Giants with SONG

Author: Pere L. Pallé
One of the outstanding and unforeseen results from the Kepler mission is our new insight and understanding of red giant stars. These highly evolved stars, which are in the last stages of their life, provide extremely useful inform ... more

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The Broad Band Imager for EST

Author: MATTEO Munari
The BBI (Broad Band Imager) for EST will be one of the 'first light' instruments of the telescope. The scientific objectives will be the the study of fundamental astrophysical processes at their intrinsic scales in the Sun's atmos ... more

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Author: Judith Palacios
In this work we follow a series of papers on high-resolution solar observations (Balmaceda et al. 2009, Balmaceda et al. 2010, Vargas Dominguez et al. 2011, Palacios et al. 2012, Vargas Domínguez et al 2015, Cabello et al., in pr ... more

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Comparison of bisectors with inversions based on response functions to infer line-of-sight velocities of the Si I 10827 Å line

Author: Sergio Javier González Manrique
We compare two methods to compute the Doppler shifts and infer the line-of-sight (LOS) velocities of the largely used photospheric Si I 10827 Å line. This line yields information about the upper photosphere. The first method cons ... more

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A fitting LEGACY – modelling Kepler’s best stars

Author: Magnus Johan Aarslev
The LEGACY sample represents the best solar-like stars observed in the Kepler mission. The 66 stars in the sample are on the main sequence and have more than one year’s data in short cadence, allowing for precise extraction of i ... more

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20 Years of GONG: p Mode Parameters and the Solar Cycle

Author: René Kiefer
The properties of solar acoustic oscillations are known to vary with the solar cycle. With 20 years of continuous observations by GONG, we are now in the position to carry out a comparison of the variation of the p mode parameters ... more

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