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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Astronomy

Analysis of a subdwarf B pulsator observed during Campaign 2 of K2

Author: Laura Ketzer
We present an analysis of the pulsating subdwarf B (sdB) star EPIC 203948264, observed during Campaign 2 of the extended Kepler mission. A time series analysis of the short cadence data set has revealed a rich g-mode pulsation spe ... more

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Revisiting the Instability Strip for rapidly oscillating Ap stars

Author: Maragrida Cunha
Chemically peculiar stars are stage to a wide variety of physical phenomena. Progress in the understanding of these objects, through the study of their oscillations, can help us characterize these physical phenomena and better und ... more

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A fitting LEGACY – modelling Kepler’s best stars

Author: Magnus Johan Aarslev
The LEGACY sample represents the best solar-like stars observed in the Kepler mission. The 66 stars in the sample are on the main sequence and have more than one year’s data in short cadence, allowing for precise extraction of i ... more

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Flux Emergence in the Quiet Sun From the Photosphere to the Corona

Author: Ioannis Kontogiannis
We report preliminary results on the evolution of a small-scale bipolar magnetic feature, from its emergence at the photosphere to its brightening at the corona. We use imaging and spectral observations from the space-born Hinode ... more

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Looking for Magnetic Field in Kepler Red Giants

Author: Jérôme Ballot
Spectropolarimetric measurements allow us to detect and measure magnetic field through Zeeman effect in stellar photospheres. We observed with the spectropolarimeters Narval (at Telescope Bernard Lyot) and ESPADONS (at CFHT) a few ... more

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European Helio- and Asteroseismology Network - Achievements after four years of HELAS

Author: Markus Roth
HELAS had the major objective to bring together the widely dispersed European research groups active in helio- and asteroseismology. The transfer of knowledge and data analysis techniques through HELAS lead to a structuring of thi ... more

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Author: Jadwiga Daszynska-Daszkiewicz
The long-time photometric surveys in a few young open clusters allowed to identify the light variability in stars located between the well defined  Scuti variables and Slowly Pulsating B-type stars (Mowlavi et al, 2013, 2015). ... more

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Observation of magnetic reconnection around a 3D null point

Author: Paolo Romano
We describe high-resolution observations of a GOES B-class flare observed at the Dunn Solar Telescope with IBIS and ROSA instruments. The flare was characterized by a circular ribbon at chromospheric level and was interpreted as a ... more

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Non-LTE inversion of spectropolarimetric and spectroscopic observations of a small active-region filament observed at the VTT

Author: Pavol Schwartz
An active-region filament in the active region NOAA 12159 (at solar disk coordinates [x,y] = [225,-440] arcsec) was observed with the Vacuum Tower Telescope at Tenerife on 11 September 2014. Full-Stokes spectropolarimetric observa ... more

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Forecasting the arrival of Coronal Mass Ejections: The Drag-Based Model

Author: Bojan Vrsnak
We present a new space weather online forecast-tool for predicting the arrival of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections (ICMEs). The forecast-tool is based on the “Drag-Based Model” (DBM), developed in the frame of the Europea ... more

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