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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Astronomy

Seismic Inference of 58 Stars using full-length Kepler data sets

Author: Orlagh Creevey
We present stellar properties of 58 stars from a seismic inference using full-length data sets from Kepler (mass, age, radius, distances). These stars comprise active stars, planet-hosts, solar-analogs, and binary systems. By empl ... more

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Introducing SISMA, the HARPS archive of the CoRoT asteroseismic targets

Author: Ennio Poretti
The online archive SISMA (Spectroscopic Indicators in a SeisMic Archive) was created in the framework of the SpaceInn project, with the goal of providing to the scientific community the results of the CoRoT ground-based asterosei ... more

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Recent insights on the penumbra formation process

Author: Mariarita Murabito
Using high-resolution spectropolarimetric data acquired by IBIS, as well as SDO/HMI observations, we studied the penumbra formation in AR NOAA 11490 and in a sample of twelve ARs appeared on the solar disk on 2011 and 2012, with t ... more

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Stellar Ages and Galactic Evolution

Author: Saskia Hekker
There is no one observable that is sensitive to age and age alone. However, some combinations of parameters such as large frequency separation and small frequency separation are more sensitive to age. The age can be better constra ... more

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Analysis of a subdwarf B pulsator observed during Campaign 2 of K2

Author: Laura Ketzer
We present an analysis of the pulsating subdwarf B (sdB) star EPIC 203948264, observed during Campaign 2 of the extended Kepler mission. A time series analysis of the short cadence data set has revealed a rich g-mode pulsation spe ... more

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Solar Physics Research Integrated Network Group (SPRING) : A Next Generation Ground-based Synoptic Network

Author: Sanjay gosain
SPRING is an evolving concept for next generation solar synoptic observations network. It is envisaged that the new network will cater to the needs of (i) Helioseismology community, by providing improved resolution Doppler observa ... more

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Past and Present of the Synoptic Observations of the Sun at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

Author: Yoichiro Hanaoka
The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan has a history of about 100 years of regular synoptic solar observations. It started with Ca K spectroheliographic and white-light imaging observations, and shortly afterward, sunspot ... more

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Asteroseismic signature of a starspot

Author: Emanuele Papini
Stellar acoustic oscillations are affected by magnetic activity, however it is unclear how a single starspot would affect the power spectrum of oscillations. Since the starspot rotates with the star, it causes a perturbation that ... more

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Forecasting the arrival of Coronal Mass Ejections: The Drag-Based Model

Author: Bojan Vrsnak
We present a new space weather online forecast-tool for predicting the arrival of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections (ICMEs). The forecast-tool is based on the “Drag-Based Model” (DBM), developed in the frame of the Europea ... more

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Kepler observation of HD 176465, a binary system with overlapping pulsation frequencies

Author: Othman Benomar
Binary stars systems are crucial to better understand the physics of stars, because they might share a common history, enabling us to assume that they have the same age and composition. Furthermore, using the Kepler laws, the orbi ... more

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