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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Astronomy

Recent insights on the penumbra formation process

Author: Mariarita Murabito
Using high-resolution spectropolarimetric data acquired by IBIS, as well as SDO/HMI observations, we studied the penumbra formation in AR NOAA 11490 and in a sample of twelve ARs appeared on the solar disk on 2011 and 2012, with t ... more

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Measurements of helioseismic travel times

Author: Markus Roth
In time-distance helioseismology wave travel times are measured from the cross-correlation between Doppler velocities recorded at any two locations on the solar surface. All local helioseismology inferences rely critically on the ... more

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European Helio- and Asteroseismology Network - Achievements after four years of HELAS

Author: Markus Roth
HELAS had the major objective to bring together the widely dispersed European research groups active in helio- and asteroseismology. The transfer of knowledge and data analysis techniques through HELAS lead to a structuring of thi ... more

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Past and Present of the Synoptic Observations of the Sun at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

Author: Yoichiro Hanaoka
The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan has a history of about 100 years of regular synoptic solar observations. It started with Ca K spectroheliographic and white-light imaging observations, and shortly afterward, sunspot ... more

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SIGS - Seismic Inferences for Glitches in Stars

Author: Filipe Pereira
A new set of codes, to become publicly available, are presented. These use the frequencies of oscillation of solar-type stars, together with some of the stellar atmospheric parameters, to automatically measure and characterize aco ... more

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The Early Local Universe – Inside and Outside the Stars

Author: Birgitta Nordstrom
Extremely metal-poor (EMP) halo stars with [Fe/H] below ~ -3 are considered to be fossil records of conditions in the early halo. In the naïve picture in which iron is a proxy for overall metallicity and indirectly for time, EMP ... more

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The Broad Band Imager for EST

Author: MATTEO Munari
The BBI (Broad Band Imager) for EST will be one of the 'first light' instruments of the telescope. The scientific objectives will be the the study of fundamental astrophysical processes at their intrinsic scales in the Sun's atmos ... more

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Stellar Parameters in an Instant with Machine Learning

Author: Earl Bellinger
We use machine learning to build a constrained multiple regression model for rapidly estimating the fundamental stellar parameters of main-sequence solar-like stars (Bellinger & Angelou 2016). We train a random forest of decision ... more

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Modelling the Line-of-Sight Projection and Filtering-Induced Leakage in Time-Distance Helioseismology

Author: Vincent Böning
In current approaches to time-distance helioseismology, the line-of-sight projection effect on the traveltimes is not fully taken into account. Furthermore, filtering of full-disc data induces leakage due to the projection onto ... more

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Solarnet Transnational Access and Service Programme 2013 - 2017

Author: SOLARNET - High Resolution Solar Physics Network
As a part of the SOLARNET project, the Transnational Access and Service Programme supports the access of the European solar physics community to some of the best European telescopes. To enhance the efficiency of data usage, exte ... more

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