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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Astronomy

Models and data combined to progress towards a better understanding of the magnetism of solar-type stars

Author: Laurene Jouve
We will review recent progress made in modeling solar-type stars in 2D and 3D in the recent years. In particular, we will focus on advances in our understanding of the dynamo processes in such astrophysical objects and the necessa ... more

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SPRING - Solar Physics Research Integrated Network Group

Author: Markus Roth
Presentation given at 11th European Space Weather Week by Alexei Pevtsov PRING is a project to develop a geographically distributed network of instrumentation to obtain synoptic solar observations. Building on the demonstrated ... more

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Extension to Spherical Geometry - Sensitivity Kernels for Flows in Time-Distance Helioseismology

Author: Vincent Böning
We extend an existing Born approximation model for calculating the linear sensitivity of helioseismic travel-times to flows from plane-parallel to spherical geometry. This extension is necessary especially for dealing with deep fl ... more

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Observations of absolute convective blue-shifts with LARS at the VTT

Author: Johannes Löhner-Böttcher
The Laser Absolute Reference Spectrograph (LARS) is a novel scientific instrument for solar observations with the Vacuum Tower Telescope (VTT) on Tenerife. It works as a combination of the high-resolution Echelle Spectrograph of t ... more

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Local Turbulence at GREGOR

Author: Oskar von der Lühe
We have measured the refractive index structure coefficient Cn2 at the VTT and GREGOR site for the past four years. We were using a laser scintillometer to measure free atmosphere Cn2 between the VTT and GREGOR towers, and anemome ... more

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The Babcock - Leighton solar dynamo

Author: Manfred Schüssler
Hale’s polarity laws for sunspot groups, the helioseismic determination of differential rotation in the convection zone, and the success of surface flux transport models in reproducing the observed evolution of large-scale s ... more

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From the Göttingen Fabry-Perot Interferometer to the Gregor FPI (presentation in 2006)

Author: Klaus Gerhard Puschmann
Presentation in the frame of the Workshop Modern Solar Facilities - Advanced Solar Sience held in Göttingen from 27 - 29 September 2006. Fabry-Perot Interferometers (FPIs) have advantages over slit spectrographs, allowing fas ... more

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Observations of the Inner Milky Way by the Fermi Large Area Telescope

Author: Michael Burton
Observations of the Inner Milky Way by the Fermi Large Area Telescope

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2nd SpaceInn Global Helioseismology Team Meeting - Agenda

Author: Markus Roth
This is the welcome presentation with the meeting agenda of the 2nd Global Helioseismology Team Meeting, that was held March 10 - 13, 2015 at the Kiepenheuer-Institut für Sonnenphysik, Freiburg, Germany

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Seismological insights into solar and stellar magnetic activity cycles

Author: Anne-Marie Broomhall
The Sun’s magnetic activity cycle varies primarily on a time scale of 11yrs from minimum to maximum and back again. It is well-known that the properties of the Sun’s acoustic oscillations are affected by the near-surface inter ... more

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