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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Astronomy

Physical properties of a group of pores as derived from Ca II 8542 Å observations and inversions at GREGOR

Author: Christoph Kuckein
The GREGOR Fabry-Perot Interferometer (GFPI) is installed at the 1.5-meter GREGOR telescope on Tenerife, Spain. The coatings of the etalons of the GFPI have a high reflectivity in the wavelength range between 530-860 nm. Therefore ... more

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Tight asteroseismic constraints on core overshooting and diffusive mixing in massive stars

Author: ehsan moravveji
Thanks to the unprecedented high quality space photometry provided by CoRoT and Kepler missions, our view on stellar oscillations in B-type stars and the physics of the upper HRD is progressively improving. O- and B-type stars ... more

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Long-term Synoptic Observations of CaII-K and Magnetic Flux

Author: Luca Bertello
Long-term synoptic observations in the resonance line of Ca II K and measurements of the solar magnetic flux over several decades constitute a fundamental database for a variety of retrospective analyses of the state of the sola ... more

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On the oscillation spectrum of a magnetized core in a giant star

Author: Michel Rieutord
The spectrum of gravito-acoustic modes is depleted in dipolar modes for a significant fraction of the giant stars observed by Kepler, a feature that can be explained by the presence of magnetic fields in the core of these stars ... more

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The Rossby-number Dependence of Large-scale Dynamo in Solar-like Strongly-stratified Convection

Author: Youhei MASADA
In Masada & Sano (2016), we reported the successful simulation of spontaneous formation of surface magnetic structures from a large-scale dynamo in strongly-stratified plane-layer convection. The large-scale dynamo observed in our ... more

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Intensity contrast and distribution on the solar surface: old wisdom with a surprising twist.

Author: Oskar Steiner
The rms of the relative fluctuation of the continuum intensity over the solar surface is sometimes taken as a measure for the quality of seeing and the telescope optics. Given space conditions, it increases with increasing telesco ... more

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SPRING – The Solar Physics Research Integrated Network Group

Author: Markus Roth
A concept for a next-generation solar observing network for helioseismology, magnetic fields, and activity. Status report of the SPRING Joint Research Activity under Solarnet.

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Statistical searches for low signal-to-noise helioseismic oscillations

Author: Anne-Marie Broomhall
Low-frequency solar p modes have long lifetimes and, therefore, narrow peaks in frequencypower spectra. This allows their frequencies to be obtained very precisely, making them useful inputs for inversions of the solar interior. ... more

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Meridional Circulation on the Sun: Helioseismic Measurements and Implications for Interior Dynamics

Author: Paul Rajaguru
After reviewing the well established observational results on solar meridional flows in the near surface layers, I discuss recent time-distance helioseismic measurements on the deep structure of the circulation. I also discuss th ... more

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