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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Astronomy

Effect of the HeII ionization zone on oscillation frequencies and its promises

Author: mutlu yildiz
Low amplitude is the defining characteristic of solar-like oscillations. The space projects Kepler and CoRoT give us a great opportunity to successfully detect such oscillations in numerous targets. Achievements of asteroseismo ... more

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A short history of Mopra

Author: Michael Burton
A short history of Mopra: A tale of MUM & SIS, their MOPS & MUG, FUDD, VSOP & TOAD

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The molecular ring in the G332 region

Author: Domenico Romano
General description of a ring-like molecular structure discovered in the G332 sector, located at a V(lsr) = ~ -50 km/s with a minimum spectral width of ~7 km/s, at a distance of 3.7 kpc from Earth. The ring is observed in the 12CO ... more

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Stellar Inversion Techniques

Author: Daniel Reese
This course describes stellar inversion techniques. It starts with the variational principle, shows how to derive various kernels, then describes different inversion techniques (regularised least-squares, optimally-localised aver ... more

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The need for synoptic solar observations from the ground

Author: Alexei Pevtsov
Synoptic observations are indispensable in studies of long-term effects pertinent to variation in solar radiative output, space weather and space climate, as well as for understanding the physics of global processes taking place o ... more

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GREGOR Broadband Imager 2016

Author: Oskar von der Lühe
We present the current status of the GREGOR Broadband Imager (BBI) and show first results from two observing campaigns in July/august and September 2016.

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SPRING – The Solar Physics Research Integrated Network Group

Author: Markus Roth
A concept for a next-generation solar observing network for helioseismology, magnetic fields, and activity. Status report of the SPRING Joint Research Activity under Solarnet.

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Solar Flares and Eruptive Events with EST

Author: Lyndsay Fletcher
The European Solar Telescope offers unique and novel opportunities for solving some of the long-standing problems related to solar flares, such as the slow evolution of the stored energy preceding the flare, the rapid deposition ... more

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