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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Astronomy

Future Synoptic Ground-based Network - Results of the SPRING Feasibility Study

Author: Markus Roth
These are the slides given on October 16, 2017 at the Splinter Meeting on Synoptic Observations. This summarizes the results of the Work Package (WP) 80 of the EU FP7 activity Solarnet.

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SPRING - Solar Physics Research Integrated Network Group

Author: Markus Roth
Presentation given at 11th European Space Weather Week by Alexei Pevtsov PRING is a project to develop a geographically distributed network of instrumentation to obtain synoptic solar observations. Building on the demonstrated ... more

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An estimate of chromospheric heating by acoustic waves - reloaded

Author: Michal Sobotka
Several mechanisms may heat the solar chromosphere: acoustic waves, magnetoacoustic waves (slow, fast, and Alfven waves), and small-scale magnetic reconnections. Based on observations in the Ca II 854.2 nm line, the contribution o ... more

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SOLAR-C Mission: Science Objectives and Current Status

Author: Yoshinori Suematsu
Solar-C is a Japan-led international solar mission designed to investigate the magnetic activities of the Sun, focusing on the study in heating and dynamical phenomena of the chromosphere and corona, and also to develop an algorit ... more

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Characteristics of magnetic helicity flux in the solar active region photosphere

Author: Sung-Hong Park
We investigated statistical characteristics of magnetic helicity injected per unit time through the active region photosphere using vector magnetic field data from the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager (HMI) onboard the Solar Dynam ... more

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Statistical searches for low signal-to-noise helioseismic oscillations

Author: Anne-Marie Broomhall
Low-frequency solar p modes have long lifetimes and, therefore, narrow peaks in frequencypower spectra. This allows their frequencies to be obtained very precisely, making them useful inputs for inversions of the solar interior. ... more

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Asteroseismic inversions in the Kepler era: application to the Kepler Legacy sample

Author: Gaël Buldgen
In the past few years, the CoRoT and Kepler missions have carried out what is now called the space photometry revolution. This revolution is still ongoing thanks to K2 and will be continued by the Tess and Plato2.0 missions. Howev ... more

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On the oscillation spectrum of a magnetized core in a giant star

Author: Michel Rieutord
The spectrum of gravito-acoustic modes is depleted in dipolar modes for a significant fraction of the giant stars observed by Kepler, a feature that can be explained by the presence of magnetic fields in the core of these stars ... more

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Validating Spherical Born Kernels for Meridional Flows

Author: Vincent Böning
We present the current status of an undergoing validation of a recently developed model for computing spherical Born approximation sensitivity functions for flows. In a first step, power spectra and reference cross-correlations fr ... more

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