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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Astronomy

The EST Governancne Structure

Author: Markus Roth
In the coming four years the governance structure for the European Solar Telescope (EST) needs to be defined. For this various governance models for multi-national collaborations need to be studied. In this presentation I will d ... more

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Global helioseismic measurement of meridional circulation and differential rotation from mode eigenfunction perturbations

Author: Ariane Schad
I review and discuss recent helioseismic measurements of the meridional circulation and solar rotation from analysis of mode eigenfunction perturbations. Results obtained from analysis of MDI data covering 2006-2010 and from HMI d ... more

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Differential Rotation and Dynamo Action in Solar-like Stars

Author: Jacobo Varela
The aim of the present study is to characterize the effect of the rotation rate in building magnetic field via dynamo action in solar-like stars. We use the code ASH to model the convective dynamo for solar-like stars at vario ... more

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Asteroseismology of Exoplanet-Host Stars with TESS

Author: Tiago Campante
New insights on stellar evolution and stellar interiors physics are being made possible by asteroseismology. Throughout the course of the Kepler mission, asteroseismology has also played an important role in the characterization o ... more

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Molecular gas studies towards PWNe

Author: Fabien VOISIN
Molecular gas studies towards PWNe

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The Si I 1082.7 nm line is in emission in sunspot umbrae

Author: David Orozco Suarez
Determining empirical atmospheric models for the solar chormosphere is difficult since it requires the observation and analysis of spectral lines that are affected by non-local termodynamic equilibrium (NLTE) effects. Here we pres ... more

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Full Stokes Polarimeter for Chromospheric Measurements with SOLIS/VSM

Author: Sanjay gosain
SOLIS stands for Synoptic Optical Long-term Investigations of the Sun. Daily fulldisk magnetic fields measurements of the Sun are being done for several decades at NSO Kittpeak. The SOLIS/VSM instrument replaced earlier instrume ... more

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The Carbon Inventory in a Quiesecent Filamentary Molecular Cloud in G328, 30 Years of Photodissociation Regions

Author: Michael Burton
The Carbon Inventory in a Quiesecent Filamentary Molecular Cloud in G328, 30 Years of Photodissociation Regions - a symposium to honour the achievements in science of David Hollenbach, Asilomar, California, June 30

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Flare and CME prediction: Maximum gradient method

Author: robertus erdelyi
The most probable sites of flare onset are the regions of high horizontal magnetic led gradients in ARs. Flare and CME forecast methods are based on magnetograms. Our objective is a new type of measure for the description of non ... more

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Seismology of the solar atmosphere

Author: Tom Van Doorsselaere
In this colloquium, I will give an overview of recent results in performing seismology in the solar atmosphere. I will explain some basic models for coronal loop oscillations, and how they are used for seismology. I will discus ... more

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