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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Astronomy

High resolution observations of New Vacuum Solar Telescope

Author: Zhong Liu
This is the second part of my talk at the meeting EST2018.

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Generation Mechanisms of Quasi-Parallel and Quasi-Circular Flare Ribbons in a Confined Flare

Author: Aaron Hernandez-Perez
We analyze a conned multiple-ribbon M2.1 flare that originated from a fan-spine coronal magnetic field coguration, within active region NOAA 12268. The observed ribbons form in two steps. First, two primary ribbons form at the mai ... more

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A long-duration quiet-Sun small-scale vortex

Author: Konstantinos Tziotziou
Vortex flows have been extensively observed over a large range of spatial and temporal scales in different lines and hence layers of the solar atmosphere and widely found in numerical simulations. However, they have never been rep ... more

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Stellar prominences: the cases of HK Aqr and PZ Tel indications of prominence oscillations and prominence eruptions

Author: Martin Leitzinger
Prominences are manifestations of solar/stellar coronal magnetic fields. Coronal magnetic field supports cool dense prominence plasma against gravity, which may be kept for several rotations (quiescent prominences) or may be eject ... more

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Pre-Eruption Conditions in Solar Active Regions: Operations-to-Research and a Meaningful EST Role

Author: Manolis Georgoulis
Understanding the physics of solar eruptive activity is a key pursuit of solar physics that continues unabated for at least half a century. Over the past two decades, however, solar eruptions are studied from an additional angle, ... more

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Contribution of sunspots to the observed frequency shifts

Author: Ângela R. G. Santos
The frequencies of the solar oscillations are known to vary in phase with the Sun's activity level. The solar cycle is accompanied by changes in the overall magnetic field as well as in the area covered by active regions, which c ... more

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Global helioseismic measurement of meridional circulation and differential rotation from mode eigenfunction perturbations

Author: Ariane Schad
I review and discuss recent helioseismic measurements of the meridional circulation and solar rotation from analysis of mode eigenfunction perturbations. Results obtained from analysis of MDI data covering 2006-2010 and from HMI d ... more

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Straylight in data from the GREGOR Infrared Spectrograph

Author: Morten Franz
In this contribution, we investigate to which degree strayligh influences results from the GREGOR Infrared Spectrograph. To this end, we use the synthesis module of the SIR code to perform radiative transfer calculations in a 3D-M ... more

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Astrochemistry with Mopra

Author: Michael Burton
Astrochemistry with Mopra

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