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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Astronomy

Meridional Circulation - Helioseismic Studies

Author: Markus Roth
Slides of talk given at L5 consortium meeting in Göttingen on October 17, 2017.

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What red giant seismology is teaching us about stellar physics

Author: Sebastien Deheuvels
Since the detection of non-radial oscillations in over 10,000 red giants by space missions CoRoT and Kepler, the seismology of these objects has rightfully gained interest among the stellar physics community. The detection of mixe ... more

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Flare forecasting in 3D solar ARs: From theory to facility – SAMNET

Author: robertus erdelyi
Flare forecasting in 3D solar ARs: From theory to facility – SAMNET

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Workshop dinner

Author: Mia Sloth Lundkvist
Workshop dinner remarks

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Joint magnetospheres of solar-twin binary systems

Author: Volkmar Holzwarth
Close binary stars with late spectral-type components, such as RS CVn- or BY Dra-systems, are among the magnetically most active stellar objects known. The magnetic flux generated in the outer convection zone of these rapidly rot ... more

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Surface effects in solar-like oscillators

Author: Warrick Ball
Inaccurate modelling of the near-surface layers of solar models causes a systematic difference between modelled and observed solar mode frequencies. This difference—known as the “surface effect” or “surface term”—presu ... more

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The Si I 1082.7 nm line is in emission in sunspot umbrae

Author: David Orozco Suarez
Determining empirical atmospheric models for the solar chormosphere is difficult since it requires the observation and analysis of spectral lines that are affected by non-local termodynamic equilibrium (NLTE) effects. Here we pres ... more

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The molecular ring in the G332 region

Author: Domenico Romano
General description of a ring-like molecular structure discovered in the G332 sector, located at a V(lsr) = ~ -50 km/s with a minimum spectral width of ~7 km/s, at a distance of 3.7 kpc from Earth. The ring is observed in the 12CO ... more

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Celebrating Crowd Funding with Mopra

Author: Catherine Braiding
Celebrating Crowd Funding with Mopra #TeamMopra

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