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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Astronomy

Metallicity effects on granulation in red giants

Author: Remo Collet
Short overview of observed and predicted effects of stellar chemical composition on granulation at the surface of red giant stars.

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Asteroseismology of Exoplanet-Host Stars with TESS

Author: Tiago Campante
New insights on stellar evolution and stellar interiors physics are being made possible by asteroseismology. Throughout the course of the Kepler mission, asteroseismology has also played an important role in the characterization o ... more

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When a Decade is Not Enough: Long-Term Synoptic Data Records, Their Continuity and Preservation

Author: Alexei Pevtsov
This is a copy of presentation given at the Committee on Solar and Space Physics October 24, 2017 - October 25, 2017, Irvine, California

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Multiwavelength study of penumbral decay using GREGOR, VTT, DST, NST, and Hinode

Author: Meetu Verma
Active region NOAA 12597 emerged on 22 September 2016 in southern hemisphere. The region was observed two days later on 24 September 2016 with GREGOR, VTT, NST, and Hinode during a campaign organized as part of the SOLARNET in ... more

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GREGOR Some remarks about the optical performance

Author: Dirk Soltau
This presentation describes estimations of the GREGOR optical performance, based on measured surfaces and estimated surface properties

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Large-Scale Subsurface Flows during Solar Cycle 23 and 24

Author: Rudolf Komm
We study the solar-cycle variation of the zonal and meridional flow in the near-surface layers of the solar convection zone from the surface to a depth of about 16 Mm. We have analyzed Dopplergrams obtained with the Michelson Dop ... more

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Understanding dynamo mechanisms from 3D convection simulations of the Sun

Author: Jörn Warnecke
The magnetic field in the Sun undergoes a cyclic modulation with a reversal typically every 11 years due to a dynamo operating under the surface. We simulate a solar-type star, where the interplay between convection and rotation ... more

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Non-adiabatic pulsations in ESTER models

Author: Daniel Reese
One of the greatest challenges in interpreting the pulsations of rapidly rotating stars is mode identification, i.e. correctly matching theoretical modes to observed pulsation frequencies. Indeed, the latest observations as well ... more

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Deep Meridional Flow Inversions with Spherical Born Kernels and Time-Distance Helioseismology

Author: Vincent Böning
In this study, we present first inversion results for deep meridional flow using spherical Born approximation kernels and time-distance helioseismology. The computation of Born approximation kernels for flows has only recently be ... more

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A short history of Mopra

Author: Michael Burton
A short history of Mopra: A tale of MUM & SIS, their MOPS & MUG, FUDD, VSOP & TOAD

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