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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Physics

Simulating the Coronal Evolution and Eruption of Bipolar Active Regions

Author: Stephanie Yardley
To gain a better understanding of the formation and evolution of the pre-eruptive structure of CMEs requires the direct measurement of the coronal magnetic field, which is currently very difficult. An alternative approach, such as ... more

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Experimental Testing of Scattering Polarization Models

Author: Roberto Casini
We realized a laboratory experiment to study the scattering polarization of the NaI D-doublet at 589.0 and 589.6 nm in the presence of a magnetic field. This work was stimulated by solar observations of that doublet, which have pr ... more

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An estimate of chromospheric heating by acoustic waves - reloaded

Author: Michal Sobotka
Several mechanisms may heat the solar chromosphere: acoustic waves, magnetoacoustic waves (slow, fast, and Alfven waves), and small-scale magnetic reconnections. Based on observations in the Ca II 854.2 nm line, the contribution o ... more

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Inverse transfer of Magnetic Energy in a decaying MHD system

Author: Kiwan Park
In our conventional understanding, large-scale magnetic fields are thought to originate from an inverse cascade in the presence of magnetic helicity, differential rotation or a magneto-rotational instability. However, as recent si ... more

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Fabry-Perot Approach to SPRING

Author: Sanjay gosain
Discussion about possiblity of using FP Etalon for SPRING project

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Topology Conserving Magnetic Field Evolution

Author: Simon Candelaresi
Magnetic helicity is a conserved quantity under an ideal evolution. Here we present methods for simulating such topology conserving systems. We make use of Lagrangian grids and mimetic differential operators. It is shown that t ... more

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Bayesian inference for cycles in noisy time series

Author: Carlo Albert
Assuming a simple data-generating model of the type "pure harmonics plus noise" and applying Bayesian inference techniques has two advantages over Fourier analysis: (i) lines that are separated by less than the Fourier resolution ... more

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Observation on Current Helicity and Proxies of Subsurface Kinetic Helicity in Solar Active Regions

Author: Yu Gao
By using the photospheric vector magnetogram and subsurface vector velocity field, we studied the systematic behavior of current helicity and relevant quantities of subsurface flow. Mainly it contains three aspects: 1) The spatial ... more

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SPRING: A Proposal for Next Generation Synoptic Solar Instrumentation

Author: Sanjay gosain
Synoptic observations of the Sun are very important to understand the long term behavior of the solar activity cycle. Our current understanding solar magnetic cycle is rather in its infancy, as can be inferred from our very poor ... more

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Observations of absolute convective blue-shifts with LARS at the VTT

Author: Johannes Löhner-Böttcher
The Laser Absolute Reference Spectrograph (LARS) is a novel scientific instrument for solar observations with the Vacuum Tower Telescope (VTT) on Tenerife. It works as a combination of the high-resolution Echelle Spectrograph of t ... more

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