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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Physics

Fabry-Perot Approach to SPRING

Author: Sanjay gosain
Discussion about possiblity of using FP Etalon for SPRING project

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Mechanism of mean flow generation in rotating turbulence and its relation to inertial wave

Author: Kazuhiro INAGAKI
Recent numerical simulation revealed that large-scale flow is generated in a rotating system with inhomogeneous helicity. However its mechanism was not examined in terms of the Reynolds stress transport. In this study, the large-e ... more

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GONG Status

Author: Frank Hill
GONG (Global Oscillation Network Group) is now 20 years old and continues to reliably provide data for the international helioseismology community. In addition the role of GONG has expanded to provide data as input to a number of ... more

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Superflares on solar-like stars

Author: Manfred Kitze
Investigation of Superflares on solar-like stars

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Field line helicity as a tool for coronal physics

Author: Anthony Yeates
What if there were a way to identify **where** the magnetic helicity is concentrated within a three- dimensional magnetic field? At first sight this question appears meaningless, since magnetic helicity is an integral over the who ... more

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Bayesian inference for cycles in noisy time series

Author: Carlo Albert
Assuming a simple data-generating model of the type "pure harmonics plus noise" and applying Bayesian inference techniques has two advantages over Fourier analysis: (i) lines that are separated by less than the Fourier resolution ... more

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A review fo solar flares

Author: Louise Harra
A review of solar flares

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Tracking of photospheric shock waves in computational fluid dynamics data

Author: Peter Leitner
Simulations of the solar convection including radiation transport allow us to examine and track photospheric shock waves in detail unparalleled by direct observation. It is still not clear which processes trigger shocks and how si ... more

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Deep Meridional Flow Inversions with Spherical Born Kernels and Time-Distance Helioseismology

Author: Vincent Böning
In this study, we present first inversion results for deep meridional flow using spherical Born approximation kernels and time-distance helioseismology. The computation of Born approximation kernels for flows has only recently be ... more

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Space Weather using ground-based data

Author: Astrid Veronig
In this talk, I review the availability and use of ground-based observations for the study of the solar sources of space weather. High-cadence full-disk imaging in the H-alpha spectral line provides us with a valuable means to ide ... more

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