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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Physics

A statistical study of CME properties and of the correlation between flares and CMEs over solar cycles 23 and 24

Author: compagnino antonio alessio
The Large Angle Spectrometric Coronagraph (LASCO), onboard the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) provided us observations extending for the two Solar Cycles 23 and 24 (31 July 1996 - 31 March 2014) that allow one to compar ... more

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Flow generation by helicity and angular-momentum transport in the Sun

Author: Nobumitsu Yokoi
Turbulent helicity (velocity–vorticity correlation) represents breaking mirror-symmetry in turbulence. With the aid of an analytical statistical theory for inhomogeneous turbulence, an expression of the Reynolds stress in non-mi ... more

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Validating Spherical Born Kernels for Meridional Flows

Author: Vincent Böning
We present the current status of an undergoing validation of a recently developed model for computing spherical Born approximation sensitivity functions for flows. In a first step, power spectra and reference cross-correlations fr ... more

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SPRING: A Proposal for Next Generation Synoptic Solar Instrumentation

Author: Sanjay gosain
Synoptic observations of the Sun are very important to understand the long term behavior of the solar activity cycle. Our current understanding solar magnetic cycle is rather in its infancy, as can be inferred from our very poor ... more

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Magnetic Helicity as a Predictor of the Solar Cycle

Author: Gareth Hawkes
It is known that the poloidal field is at its maximum during solar minima, and that its behaviour during this time acts as a strong predictor of the strength of the following solar cycle. This relationship relies on the action of ... more

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Signatures of mode conversion in a sunspot simulation

Author: Damien Przybylski
Measurements made around active regions are complicated by magneto-acoustic mode-conversion and changes in the radiative properties of magnetic field concentrations. Forward modelling has been performed using the SPARC numerical c ... more

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How much can the damping of the observed power spectrum of transverse waves contribute to coronal heating?

Author: Paolo Pagano
Observations of coronal loops have long revealed ubiquitous, transverse velocity perturbations, that undergo strong damping as they propagate. Observational estimates show that these perturbations contain significant amounts of en ... more

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An estimate of chromospheric heating by acoustic waves - reloaded

Author: Michal Sobotka
Several mechanisms may heat the solar chromosphere: acoustic waves, magnetoacoustic waves (slow, fast, and Alfven waves), and small-scale magnetic reconnections. Based on observations in the Ca II 854.2 nm line, the contribution o ... more

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Bayesian inference for cycles in noisy time series

Author: Carlo Albert
Assuming a simple data-generating model of the type "pure harmonics plus noise" and applying Bayesian inference techniques has two advantages over Fourier analysis: (i) lines that are separated by less than the Fourier resolution ... more

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Solar flare/CME initiation and signatures with EST

Author: Kévin Dalmasse
Solar flares and eruptive events are driven by the 3D evolution of current-carrying magnetic fields in the solar atmosphere. While several mechanisms have been identified, we still do not know which ones are really responsible for ... more

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