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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Physics

Validating Spherical Born Kernels for Meridional Flows

Author: Vincent Böning
We present the current status of an undergoing validation of a recently developed model for computing spherical Born approximation sensitivity functions for flows. In a first step, power spectra and reference cross-correlations fr ... more

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Flow generation by helicity and angular-momentum transport in the Sun

Author: Nobumitsu Yokoi
Turbulent helicity (velocity–vorticity correlation) represents breaking mirror-symmetry in turbulence. With the aid of an analytical statistical theory for inhomogeneous turbulence, an expression of the Reynolds stress in non-mi ... more

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Topology Conserving Magnetic Field Evolution

Author: Simon Candelaresi
Magnetic helicity is a conserved quantity under an ideal evolution. Here we present methods for simulating such topology conserving systems. We make use of Lagrangian grids and mimetic differential operators. It is shown that t ... more

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The EST status

Author: Manuel Collados
EST will be the largest solar telescope ever built in Europe. With a 4-metre primary mirror and state-of-the-art technology, it will furnish astronomers with a unique tool to understand the Sun. The main goal of EST is to investig ... more

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Parametric Resonances in Periodically Perturbed Dynamo Models

Author: Andre Giesecke
I present results on kinematic dynsamo models driven by an axisymmetric large scale flow impacted by periodic perturbations due to azimuthally propagating vortices. I found a strong impact on growth rates and frequencies with r ... more

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Solar Flares and Eruptive Events with EST

Author: Lyndsay Fletcher
The European Solar Telescope offers unique and novel opportunities for solving some of the long-standing problems related to solar flares, such as the slow evolution of the stored energy preceding the flare, the rapid deposition ... more

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Full Stokes Polarimeter for Chromospheric Measurements with SOLIS/VSM

Author: Sanjay gosain
SOLIS stands for Synoptic Optical Long-term Investigations of the Sun. Daily fulldisk magnetic fields measurements of the Sun are being done for several decades at NSO Kittpeak. The SOLIS/VSM instrument replaced earlier instrume ... more

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Exceptions to the rule: the X-flares of AR 2192 lacking coronal mass ejections

Author: Manuela Temmer
The unusually large NOAA active region (AR) 2192, observed in October and November 2014, was outstanding in its productivity of major flares (GOES class M5 and larger). However, none of the X-flares was associated to a coronal mas ... more

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GONG Status

Author: Frank Hill
GONG (Global Oscillation Network Group) is now 20 years old and continues to reliably provide data for the international helioseismology community. In addition the role of GONG has expanded to provide data as input to a number of ... more

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Fabry-Perot Approach to SPRING

Author: Sanjay gosain
Discussion about possiblity of using FP Etalon for SPRING project

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