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Category/Subcategory: Natural Sciences/Physics

Differential Rotation and Dynamo Action in Solar-like Stars

Author: Jacobo Varela
The aim of the present study is to characterize the effect of the rotation rate in building magnetic field via dynamo action in solar-like stars. We use the code ASH to model the convective dynamo for solar-like stars at vario ... more

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Deep Meridional Flow Inversions with Spherical Born Kernels and Time-Distance Helioseismology

Author: Vincent Böning
In this study, we present first inversion results for deep meridional flow using spherical Born approximation kernels and time-distance helioseismology. The computation of Born approximation kernels for flows has only recently be ... more

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Exceptions to the rule: the X-flares of AR 2192 lacking coronal mass ejections

Author: Manuela Temmer
The unusually large NOAA active region (AR) 2192, observed in October and November 2014, was outstanding in its productivity of major flares (GOES class M5 and larger). However, none of the X-flares was associated to a coronal mas ... more

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Field line helicity as a tool for coronal physics

Author: Anthony Yeates
What if there were a way to identify **where** the magnetic helicity is concentrated within a three- dimensional magnetic field? At first sight this question appears meaningless, since magnetic helicity is an integral over the who ... more

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Inverse transfer of Magnetic Energy in a decaying MHD system

Author: Kiwan Park
In our conventional understanding, large-scale magnetic fields are thought to originate from an inverse cascade in the presence of magnetic helicity, differential rotation or a magneto-rotational instability. However, as recent si ... more

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Tracking of photospheric shock waves in computational fluid dynamics data

Author: Peter Leitner
Simulations of the solar convection including radiation transport allow us to examine and track photospheric shock waves in detail unparalleled by direct observation. It is still not clear which processes trigger shocks and how si ... more

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Electromotive force measurements in interplanetary space

Author: Yasuhito Narita
Electromotive force plays a central role in turbulent dynamo mechanisms and carries important information on the nature of the helical turbulent fields. An analysis method is proposed for the electromotive force to evaluate the tr ... more

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How much can the damping of the observed power spectrum of transverse waves contribute to coronal heating?

Author: Paolo Pagano
Observations of coronal loops have long revealed ubiquitous, transverse velocity perturbations, that undergo strong damping as they propagate. Observational estimates show that these perturbations contain significant amounts of en ... more

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Superflares on solar-like stars

Author: Manfred Kitze
Investigation of Superflares on solar-like stars

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Magnetic helicity in turbulent reconnection

Author: Fabien Widmer
Collision-less large-Reynolds-number astrophysical plasmas are prone to turbulence. In this context, it is necessary to consider the impact of turbulence during believed magnetic reconnection events in solar and stellar flares o ... more

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