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Category/Subcategory: Computer Sciences/Artificial intelligence

From Event-Driven Business Process Management to Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing

Author: Rainer von Ammon
Pilot Project "Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing“ interdisciplinary with  computational socio-geonomics, neuroscience, epigenetics, brain research, epidemic research, weather/global catastrophe emergency management etc.

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Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing in Exocortex Applications - uCepCortex

Author: Rainer von Ammon
The main idea of the uCepCortex project is to enhance human abilities by a complex cognitive system which adds and supplements senses and integrates the information of these senses for an optimal output, thereby overcoming the lim ... more

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Event-Driven Business Process Management

Author: Rainer von Ammon
Reference Model, Reference Architecture, Business Processes as Services, Domain Specific Reference Models for Event Patterns

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