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Category/Subcategory: Computer Sciences/Artificial intelligence

Federated Event Drive Systems

Author: Rainer von Ammon
Federated Event Drive Systems Day 2, Agenda Item #6

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Keynote: The event processing market from VC perspective

Author: Rainer von Ammon
Why have I just invested in EventZero? The event processing market from VC perspective

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Use Case IV: Inform and direct first responders and people at risk in case of an incident

Author: Rainer von Ammon
Oracle First Responder Use Case Objective, a detailed description, responses to use case questionnaire (functionality, operational characteristics, implementation constrains)

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The future of work: human-robot collaboration

Author: Euronews Knowledge
euronews knowledge brings you a fresh mix of the world's most interesting know-hows, directly from space and sci-tech experts. Made by euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe.

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Use Case II: Real-time Data Stream

Author: Rainer von Ammon
Use Case II: Real-time Data Stream Analytical Publish/Subscribe System Shall Inbound adapters be "passive" connectors Pub/Sub and Notification Standards Subscriptions in Analytic terms Pub/Sub as an Analytical Subscriber An ... more

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EPTS - Introduction

Author: Rainer von Ammon
EPTS agenda and goals for the meeting

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Intelligent CEP for Agile BPM

Author: Rainer von Ammon
Intelligent CEP for Agile BPM Day Agenda Item #7

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Use Case I: Fraud Detection Scenario

Author: Rainer von Ammon
Real-time Event Supply Chain Business, betting exchange model is similar to stock market, trading is popular in long-running events. Day 1, Agenda Item #8

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System S: Stream Computing at IBM Research

Author: Rainer von Ammon
System S: Stream Computing at IBM Research Day 2 – Agenda Item #4

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Use Case VI: Internalization and Alternative Trading Venues

Author: Rainer von Ammon
Internalization and Alternative Trading Venues. Identify trades which can be executed inside the brokerage using existing pools of liquidity and interest, and execute them properly according to market regulations and service level ... more

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