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Vegetables More Dangerous Than Meat? From Field To Plate - Futuris

Author: Euronews Knowledge

Main category: Natural Sciences (Biology)

"Cases of food poisoning from vegetables affect more people and lead to more hospitalisations than those from meat." While it may come as news to many consumers this fact, revealed by Ana Allende, a food microbiologist with CEBAS-CSIC, will not surprise her colleagues working on a major European research project on food safety. Made by euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe.

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Imke Matullat, a nutrition & food scientist with ttz Bremerhaven reinforces the point: "As a consumer, I would always pay attention when storing my products, that they have not been damaged and that the packaging has not been ripped, because that is an open door for bacteria."

It is precisely to further minimize those risks that European researchers are carrying out work right at the coalface, so to speak. Futuris visited one salad processing factory near Bremen, in Germany to find out more.

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