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Die filling of a seal disc cavity

Author: Claas Bierwisch
Affiliation: Fraunhofer IWM, Freiburg, Germany

Co-authors: T. Kraft, H. Riedel, M. Moseler

Main category: Engineering (Mechanical engineering)

Dry pressing and subsequent sintering in order to shape metallic or ceramic powders is characterized by its high dimensional accuracy. The homogeneous filling of the die prior to compaction is an important prerequisite for maintaining the dimensional accuracy because spatial density variations during compaction can lead to undesirable distortion during the sintering. Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulations allow to model the die filling process in detail and to predict the resulting powder density distribution. Various optimization approaches for a homogeneous density can be analyzed in the simulation. The simulation was carried out using SimPARTIX.

Further Reading: C. Bierwisch, T. Kraft, H. Riedel, M. Moseler. Die filling optimization using three-dimensional discrete element modelling. Powder Technology, 196(2):169–179, 2009.

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