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Sweeping granular matter with a flexible lamella

Author: Claas Bierwisch
Affiliation: Fraunhofer IWM, Freiburg, Germany

Co-authors: C. Dehning, T. Kraft

Main category: Engineering (Mechanical engineering)
Alternative category: Engineering (Civil engineering)

The movie shows lamellas of different flexibility which are used to sweep cohesive granular matter by a lateral movement. The effectivity of the sweeping depends strongly on the rigidity of the lamella. Cleaning processes are applications for this simulation model.

Further information:
The upper model shows a central slice of the model below.
The results are obtained from co-simulations using the discrete element method (DEM) software SimPARTIX and the finite element method (FEM) solver Abaqus. The coupling between the two codes is realized using the co-simulation interface MpCCI.

Language: English

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