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Forklifts of the future: Sensors & the Factory

Author: Euronews Knowledge

Main category: Engineering (Civil engineering)

At a warehouse in Bilbao, in northern Spain, a strange robotic ballet is underway. These automated forklifts weigh eight tonnes each. They transport heavy loads of soda. And they are completely unmanned. Made by euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe.

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"They work with a laser that measures the different distances inside the walls in the warehouse," says Vittorio Cavirani, an electronic engineer with "Elettric80": "These measurements give the robots their spatial position, so the machines are able to move around different paths in a very accurate way, in a range of millimetres."

It's a real challenge to allow different machines to move around autonomously in a given space like this. They have to calculate path and speed, and they have to do it in a safe way. Safety is a fundamental issue here."

Electronic and sensor engineers developed systems that allow robots to understand their surrounding environment so they can follow determined paths -and avoid collisions.

To achieve this, complex and sophisticated devices were installed in the circuit boards...

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