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Search the ScienceMedia Network for OpenAccess digital content of the scientific community. Find videos, posters, presentations and papers of important work in your field
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The ScienceMedia Network was founded by Scientists for Scientists in order to provide a specifically designed and tailor-made platform for digital scientific content. Register and become a member of the ScienceMedia Network!

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As a member of the ScienceMedia Network you can upload and share your scientific work with the scientific community. The specifically designed platform lets you to describe in depth and detail about your work and research connected with the uploaded content. For the interested audience you may refer to important work and literature of yours using the DOI-service.

Share your videos in your work

Use QR-codes and DOI references in order to give your audience a quick access to your OpenAcess research. Enhance your printed manuscripts and posters by a link to your digital content and profile within the ScienceMedia Network.