From Event-Driven Business Process Management to Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing
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Computer Sciences (Artificial intelligence)
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Computer Sciences (Computational sciences)
This workshop focuses on the topics of connecting Internet of Services and Things as event sources of a global “smart dust” with the management of business processes and the Future and Emerging Technologies as addressed by the European FET-F 2020 and Beyond Initiative. Such FET challenges are not longer limited to business processes, but focus on new ideas in order to connect processes on the basis of CEP with disciplines of Cell Biology, Epigenetics, Brain Research, Robotics, Emergency Management, SocioGeonomics, Bio- and Quantum Computing – summarized under the concept of U-CEP. This workshop extends edBPM as actually "commodity" from the perspective of the scientific State of the Art, although there are no real adopters so far and we are far from standards. This workshop extends edBPM as ed(B)PM (not all processes must be “business” processes) to U-CEP (new application domains, new services from the "Universe"). In continuation with the edBPM workshops at the 1st ServiceWave 2008 in Madrid and the 2nd ServiceWave 2009 in Stockholm, this 3rd workshop is a thematical enhancement considering the grand challenges defined by Future Internet Initiative and FET-F. The workshop positions U-CEP as an appropriate umbrella for new medium-term Future Internet- and long-term FET-F technologies, products and ideas.
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