Metal nanoparticle field-effect transistor
Institute of Physical Chemistry, University of Hamburg, 20146 Hamburg, Germany
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Natural Sciences (Physics)
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Natural Sciences (Analytical Chemistry, Method Development (Chemistr)
We demonstrate that by means of a local top-gate current oscillations can be observed in extended, monolayered films assembled from monodisperse metal nanocrystals - realizing transistor function. The oscillations in this metal-based system are due to the occurrence of a Coulomb energy gap in the nanocrystals which is tunable via the nanocrystal size. The nanocrystal assembly by the Langmuir-Blodgett method yields homogeneous monolayered films over vast areas. The dielectric oxide layer protects the metal nanocrystal field-effect transistors from oxidation and leads to stable function for months. The transistor function can be reached due to the high monodispersity of the nanocrystals and the high super-crystallinity of the assembled films. Due to the fact that the film consists of only one monolayer of nanocrystals and all nanocrystals are simultaneously in the state of Coulomb blockade the energy levels can be influenced efficiently (limited screening). Ref: J. Appl. Phys. 114 (2013) 034311.
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