Biofield Energy Healing Treatment Based Herbomineral Formulation on Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines Expression in Murine Dendritic & Splenocyte cells
Trivedi Global Inc.; Trivedi Science Research Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.
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The utilization and demand of self-medication with herbomineral-based formulations have increased day-by-day across the globe over the last decade. A new proprietary herbomineral formulation was prepared with the mixture of minerals (zinc, magnesium, and selenium) and the herbal root extract of ashwagandha. The current study was undertaken to evaluate the Biofield Energy Healing (The Trivedi Effect®) on the test herbomineral formulation using murine dendritic cells (DCs) and splenocytes in vitro. The formulation was divided into two parts, one part was control without any Biofield Energy Treatment, while the other part was defined as the Biofield Energy Treated sample, which received the Biofield Energy Healing Treatment remotely from eighteen renowned Biofield Energy Healers. The effect of the Biofield Energy Treated formulation in murine cells was monitored with an estimation of pro-inflammatory cytokines levels such as tumor necrosis factor (TNF-α), macrophage inflammatory protein-1α (MIP-1α) and interleukin (IL-1β) in cell culture supernatants along with estimations of non-cytotoxic concentrations of the test formulation by MTT assay. The Biofield Treated formulation showed 114.2%, 122.6%, 141.2%, 127.8%, and 114.1% cell viability at concentrations 1.05, 5.2, 10.5, 25.6, and 51.2 µg/mL, respectively in DCs. Similarly, the Biofield Energy Treated and untreated formulations showed more than 100% cell viability in mice splenocytes at 5 µg/mL. The level of TNF-α in DCs was significantly (p≤0.05) inhibited by 19.21% in the Biofield Treated formulation at concentration 5.2 µg/mL as compared to the untreated test formulation. The level of MIP-1α in LPS induced mice splenocyte cells was reduced by 15.35% in the Biofield Energy Treated formulation at 0.0105 µg/mL as compared to the untreated formulation. Similarly, the level of IL-1β in LPS induced mice splenocyte cells was significantly (p≤0.05) reduced by 31.59% in the Biofield Treated formulation at 1.05 µg/mL as compared to the untreated formulation. Altogether, the results suggest that The Trivedi Effect® (Biofield Energy Healing Treatment) showed significant down-regulation of the tested pro-inflammatory cytokines expression and potentiated the immunosuppressive effect of the treated formulation to modulate the immune system. These data also suggest that the Biofield Treated test formulation can be used for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, stress management and anti-aging by improving overall health.
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