WP80: Synoptic Observations: Solar Physics Research Network Group (SPRING)
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Natural Sciences (Astrophysics and Astrononmy)
High-resolution telescopes (such as SST, GREGOR and the future EST and ATST) allow observations of only a small fraction of the solar surface. Real-time context data showing the large-scale dynamics and magnetism at different layers of the solar atmosphere are crucial to understand the global behavior of solar phenomena. However, despite the amount of information coming from space and ground-based full-Sun telescopes, real-time information about the variation of important parameters such as velocities, magnetic field and intensity at different solar layers is stilllacking. To this aim, a network of telescopes with a small aperture but a large field-of-view can provide useful data to prepare observing campaigns with large-aperture high-resolution telescopes and complement the data taken with them. Distributed in a worldwide network, these small apertures can represent an invaluable supporting tool for coordinated observations with the major infrastructures. Within this Joint Research Activity under Solarnet, the definition of an adequate network of small telescopes, as well as the most suited instrumentation was addressed.
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