The additional-mode garden of RRab stars
Konkoly Observatory, MTA CSFK, Budapest, Hungary
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Natural Sciences (Astrophysics and Astrononmy)
Space-based photometric missions revealed a surprising abundance of millimagnitude-level additional modes in RR Lyrae stars. The modes that appear in the modulated fundamental-mode (RRab) stars can be ordered into four major categories. Period doubling, caused by the resonant ninth overtone, and the mode at ~0.6 P0 that may potentially correspond to the second overtone, are relatively abundant in these stars. In more rare cases (including RR Lyr itself), the additional modes can be identified with the first overtone, and finally some fall outside the above mentioned categories, so they are most likely non-radial modes. Here we present a census of the additional modes based on the K2 Two Wheel Engineering Test run and Campaigns 0-3 and 6 of the K2 mission, the largest sample obtained with space-based photometry so far.
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