Deep Meridional Flow Inversions with Spherical Born Kernels and Time-Distance Helioseismology
Kiepenheuer-Institut für Sonnenphysik, Freiburg, Germany
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Natural Sciences (Astrophysics and Astrononmy)
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Natural Sciences (Physics)
In this study, we present first inversion results for deep meridional flow using spherical Born approximation kernels and time-distance helioseismology. The computation of Born approximation kernels for flows has only recently become available in spherical geometry. Compared to the ray approximation, the Born approximation is considered to provide a more realistic model of the advection and scattering processes in the solar interior, which are captured in travel time measurements. We first validate this method using artificial data from a linear 3D simulation of solar interior wave propagation. We find that the prediction of the Born approximation model coincides well with the simulated data. We then perform standard SOLA inversions of the solar meridional flow. First, inversion results of the simulated data are discussed and compared to the original flow profile included in the simulation. Finally, we apply the validated method to GONG data spanning periods of low, medium and high solar activity (2001-2003, 2004-2006, and 2007-2009). The results are discussed and compared to literature.
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