SPRING: A Proposal for Next Generation Synoptic Solar Instrumentation
1. KIS, Freiburg, Germany, 2. NSO, Tucson, USA, 3. HAO, Boulder, USA
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Natural Sciences (Astrophysics and Astrononmy)
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Natural Sciences (Physics)
Synoptic observations of the Sun are very important to understand the long term behavior of the solar activity cycle. Our current understanding solar magnetic cycle is rather in its infancy, as can be inferred from our very poor prediction for the strength of solar cycle 24, based on various dynamo models. Solar magnetism is at the heart of all solar activity and therefore it is important to understand what parameters govern the magnetic cycle in the Sun. An important parameter that is realized more recently is the internal dynamics, i.e., profile of solar internal rotation and nature of large scale meridional flows. Therefore, it is important to study the solar interior by making use of helioseismology. Ground based helioseismology networks such as GONG are now quite few decades old and its possible failure poses risk to the continuity of solar oscillation data. Hence, a next generation of synoptic network SPRING is being proposed and is currently under design study. We will present science requirements and the details of the SPRING network.
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