Scientific Requirements Document SG5 Coronal Science
U of Sheffield; Eotvos University; HSPF
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Natural Sciences (Astrophysics and Astrononmy)
Here, we report on what EST may offer towards making a leap in coronal sciences. After a brief introduction to the aims and objectives of WG5, we will outline the currently proposed observing programmes. These programmes, by no means, are final and it is highly encouraged that anyone who may feel they have a contribution, should contact the WG Team (R. Erdelyi, S. Matthews and M. Mathioudakis). The currently elaborated and proposed specific observing programmes, in the context of coronal studies, include e.g., sunspot light-bridges/light walls, solar spicules/macrospicules , coronal upflows and outflows, probing the pre-flare triggers, observables on constraining the coronal magnetic field, and exploring the limits of MHD. A particularly interesting aspect are the potential synergies with Solar C EUVST, Solar Orbiter, and other potential missions that overlap with the operation of EST.
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