Current starvation and relativitic magnetic reconnection
Physics Department, University of Pisa, Italy, and NAF-IAPS, via Fosso del Cavaliere 100, Roma, I-00133, Italy
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Natural Sciences (Physics)
In a relativistic plasma regime magnetic reconnection may take completely different features due to the relativistic limit on the particle velocity under conditions of quasineutrality when the spatial variation of the magnetic field cannot be balanced by the electron current in Ampere's law. In this case the MHD description fails and the magnetic field dynamics is dominated by the displacement current and by the corresponding inductive electric field as proposed by S.I. Syrovatskii nearly 60 years ago in the context of Cosmic physics, and may provide an efficient, time variable acceleration mechanism in a relativistic inhomogeneous plasma. Recently this regime it has become of interest also in the context of relativistic laboratory plasmas .J. Gu, F. Pegoraro, P.V. Sasorov, D. Golovin, A. Yogo, G. Korn, S.V. Bulanov, {\it Electromagnetic Burst Generation during Annihilation of Magnetic Field in Relativistic Laser-Plasma Interaction}, Sci. Rep., 9 , 19462 (2019)
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Further reading
S.I. Syrovatski, Dynamic Dissipation of a Magnetic Field and Particle Acceleration, Soviet Astronomy - AJ, 10, 340 (1966).
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