Angles of repose observed in heap (de-)construction
Fraunhofer IWM, Freiburg, Germany
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Natural Sciences (Physics)
In a Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulation angles of repose are analyzed which reveal static properties of a granular material. The theoretical maximum angle is related to the internal angle of friction of the material, $\phi = \arctan(T/N)$, where $T$ is the maximum shear force the powder bulk can withstand when applying a normal force $N$. Two angles of repose, namely the outflow angle $\theta_{\text{O}}$ obtained by heap decomposition through slow outflow and the heap angle $\theta_{\text{H}}$ obtained by heap composition via pouring grains on top of a newly forming heap are measured. The simulation was carried out using SimPARTIX.
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Further reading
C. Bierwisch, T. Kraft, H. Riedel, M. Moseler. Three-dimensional discrete element models for the granular statics and dynamics of powders in cavity filling. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 57(1):10–31, 2009.
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